Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Teacup Full of Sunshine and Love

It was a great vacation in Tennessee. All day playing with grandchildren and all night partying with GI's. What a whole lot of fun fun fun. But now I'm home and its great to see my ol' man, my chickies and my garden. I've a lot of work to do on my master's project before I'm ready for graduation in December and I really really really need to get back into the exercise routine.
Grandson Austin's mother met us in the driveway when we returned from the Airport. Austin was pleasantly surprised. He loves his dad and stister but he really missed his mother and california siblings. We had a wonderful relaxing sunday hanging out on the bench near the apple tree; sipping tea and munching on fresh picked blackberries.

Just behind the apple tree you can see a white picket fence. Just on the other side of the picket fence is a creek. A blackberry bush grows over the creek; you can see it behind the bench. The creek passes an organic nursery so the water is probably full of natural fertilizer which contributes to the plump juiceyness of the giant berries that grow there.

While Jel and I sipped tea by the apple tree I started filling my empty teacup with the fat ripe berries I could easily reach. Baby Julian and Jalissa, Austin's half siblings, joyfully ate those berries one by one...

Today I went back out and gathered several cups worth of plumb ripe blackberries and baked them into a scrumptious pie. As soon as it was cool enough to cut Jeff and I filled up on giant slices with yummy French vanilla icecream.

The blackberry pie started the party in my tummy...

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