Sunday, May 4, 2008


Muffin is the Goose that has come into our care.

Muffin belonged to our neighbors. They rarely took care of Muffin when they lived next door.

We usually made sure she had plenty of water and fed her daily.

Then the neighbors moved away and left her behind.

You would think that Muffin appreciated our she is very mean and demanding.

Still we feed her and make sure that she has a pool full of water when the creek is low. We give her old fruit and veggies as a treat. On really hot days I will give her a shower with the hose which she loves.

But I don't dare to cross the picket fence that separates the front half of our back yard from the creek. (Muffin lives on the creek side). Believe me it's no fun getting goosed by an irascible goose!

Next posting the Bunny Family.