Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bye Bye Muffin

Sad to say that Muffin the Goose passed away last month. Today I thought of her as I tossed out fruit scraps, melon rinds and melon seeds. Normally I would have given them to her. She had a long life. Can't say it was the happiest life as she spent the last few years alone after her mate died. I suppose the chickens kept her company, they didn't show up until a couple of days after her mate died. I do remember the oddest look in her eyes when some frightened chicks ran under her to hide; she looked terrified that she might step on one of them and gave me a look that said help...

Muffin the Goose
Drypoint Intaglio 4x6"

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Muffin is the Goose that has come into our care.

Muffin belonged to our neighbors. They rarely took care of Muffin when they lived next door.

We usually made sure she had plenty of water and fed her daily.

Then the neighbors moved away and left her behind.

You would think that Muffin appreciated our she is very mean and demanding.

Still we feed her and make sure that she has a pool full of water when the creek is low. We give her old fruit and veggies as a treat. On really hot days I will give her a shower with the hose which she loves.

But I don't dare to cross the picket fence that separates the front half of our back yard from the creek. (Muffin lives on the creek side). Believe me it's no fun getting goosed by an irascible goose!

Next posting the Bunny Family.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Art Distracting Views

Views from the deck studio: North East, East, and South East, click on pictures to enlarge.

I am easily distracted by the goings on in my backyard. Since my studio is on the deck that overlooks the backyard new artworks take a long long time to be completed. I thought I may as well share these silly distractions with others since entries to my art blog depend on my making art. This is for all you others who enjoy silly distractions from their own passions.

I guess this first distracting blog entry should be an introduction to my distracting backyard and the beings whose daily dramas have become my zen...

This is the Hummingbird feeder that hangs from the North East corner of the deck eave.

This the shepherd's crook that holds the finch feeders. Its north of the birdbath in the center of the picket fence half of the back

This is a closeup of the Finch Feeders. It also attracts doves, bunnies, chickens, squirrels and redwing blackbirds who like to pick up the seed the finches scatter on the ground. Occassionally a neighborhood cat will try to pounce the feeders but quickly it learns that the fence underneath is no fun to land on...
This is the 5lb feeder that hangs from the Apple tree that grows to this side of the picket fence that cuts the yard in half at the creek. It attracts a myriad of birds and beasts who feed on the seed, the apples, a suet cake and any worms in the tree.

This is the Modesto Ash tree that's about 10-12 feet from the south east corner of the deck. It holds the platform feeder and suet cakes that attract squirrels, nuthatches, jays and woodpeckers.

Next entry I will introduce you to the creatures that inhabit the yard. They are the biggest distractions to making art...